Way To Get More Storage Out Of Your Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design

There never seems to be quite enough space in your kitchen no matter how big or how small it is.  Even when you think you are using every inch of storage space you possibly can possibly find, there are usually even more ways to squeeze a little extra storage out of your kitchen. Here are a few suggestions that might help.

1. Utilize the space above your cabinets.

If your kitchen has high ceilings there’s a good chance that there is a huge open area above your cabinets.  That open space is premium storage territory. Although it’s a little out of the way (and may be hard to reach), you can still use it store items you don’t use on a daily basis, such as cake stands, large roasting pans, stock pots, or a pressure cooker.

2. Take advantage of open wall space.

The not-so-hidden gem of kitchen storage is your open wall space. Even though it may not be the most obvious storage spot, it still has so much potential. Consider adding shelves or possibly a fold-down table.  You could even add pegboards to open up a lot of new storage ideas.

3. Magnetic strips are good for storing knives plus a whole lot more than.

If you never seem to have enough counter space free some up by skipping the knife block and keeping your knives organized with magnetic strips instead. These magnetic knife strips are also useful for other kitchen gadgets and even possibly storing pot lids.

4. Add an additional shelf inside cabinets.

Plates and glasses can only be stacked so high before your cabinets start to feel totally disorganized. Most cabinets never seem to come with enough permanent shelves but this is easily fixed with a visit to your local hardware store.  You may even consider adding baskets that hang just below the shelf.

5. Hang items on the open end of a cabinet.

If you have kitchen cabinets that don’t butt up against a wall on either side you can utilize the open side. Use it to mount a small shelf or even hang small items, like cutting boards, large spoons, or a spice rack.

6. Use the inside of your cabinet doors.

This is most likely the most under-utilized space in any kitchen. No matter if you use an organizer that hangs over the cabinet door, or use cup hooks to hang items like dish towels and potholders, this is a great storage area.

7. Don’t forget about your ceiling.

If you don’t have enough cabinet space for storing your pots and pans you could consider a hanging pot rack instead.  Don’t forget about the top of the rack as a storage area for lids or baskets.

8. Use your oven for storage.

How often do you really use your oven or what if you have 2 ovens? Don’t let that handy storage space go to waste. Your oven makes a great location to store baking sheets and cooling racks. You just have to remember to take them out before turning on the oven.

If you need more storage ideas or if it’s just time to think about getting that kitchen redone the way you want we will be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation.  Give us a call today.

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